D. Jérémie Juste (DJJ)

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About me

I'm an applied econometrician at heart with a particular interest for model automation. My weapons of choice are emacs, org-mode and R. You can also find me on GitLab and stackoverflow.

Working Papers

  • Competition, Fast Growth and Commercialization: Systemic Credit Risk in Microcredit Markets: A Copula Approach, with Malika Hamadi and Andréas Heinen submitted.
  • Predicting Trial and Repeat Purchases of New Packaged Goods from Aggregated Data with Albert Bemmaor.
  • Estimating the Effect of a School Choice Program on the Price of High School Quality in Seoul with Mi Lim Kim.
  • Borrower Defaults in Microfinance: Evidence from a Crowdfunding Platform, with Malika Hamadi and Andréas Heinen.
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